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Max/Liz music

I've literally just re-watched all 3 series in the space of a week, and I'm dying to find a version of the Max/Liz theme music that you can find on the dvd language selection page. I've found the version on the second series main page, but this one is a much gentler guitar solo. It's such a magical song, I wish I had more than 20 seconds of it to listen to. And I know there's no official score out there to rip it from, but if anyone has a half-decent ripped version, even that would be great.

Thanks so much!
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Thank you so much! You are officially epic. I can't believe how many files you ripped - how long did that take you? :O
Basically you can see the dates and times of files creation. = )
But no, this isn't so hard. :) It's just about "pluralism" question. = )

Point in this that I fall into Roswell Universe not so long time ago, 'cause I'm Russian, and here Roswell's first airing is comes to Fall of 2008. % ) By myself I've watched the show little later im March 2009, and being Quality Addict I just cannot do not make HQDVDRip's of Roswell. :) While making those I've cutted some of the scores and now I'm cutting other scores while working on DVD-reauthoring project. :)

BTW, in both of HQDVDRip's and reauthored DVD's are both English audiotracks (DVD and TV soundtracks versions) included. :) If someone interested, Google "Roswell HQDVDRip" on Demonoid.com ,)

P.S. Little tater soon will upload some of new cutted scores from ending eps of First Season. See for updates an original topic where already posted other scores. :)
Are you serious? It's only just playing in your country?? O.O I watched this back in 1999-2001 when I was 11! XD

Awesome, I'll definitely have a look for those. Thank you once again :D
Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but yes it is.

By myself I've been at nearly this age as you those years, but US shows here isn't been usual case on TV. But in those years we have not all of this Russian craps re-makes, so some of US shows are showed in Prime Time on few our entertainment channels. Speaking of present, Roswell aired on barely watchable channel in some not watchable time - at 4 p.m. The same situation with another good series, sometimes I'm thinking that our people watching nothing but Lost from US, as and DVD/BDs of US series released here. So, till US studios will be giving to us rights on re-makes of their soap-operas and sitcoms they will faced with prosperous web-pir@cy in our country. =D

Oops.. Yeah, of course. :) Follow the link above - there is one little update that you've might be interested. ,)
After a week of feverishly searching I cannot find this song anywhere. Anywhere. In a last ditch effort please tell me someone knows where to find this song.


March 8 2011, 21:27:29 UTC 5 years ago

thank you, thank you!!! for to score Roswell. Muchísimas gracias!!!!
i would really like to know if the theme song of roswell can be found on youtube. the one you can listen to in the dvd when you go to the language selection
I really don't know about youtube, but I've uploaded full theme cutted from the show here: http://u.to/roswell_max_and_liz_themes/8mxu
This link can be founded by follow my answer at first question in this thread, btw. ;)

I can cut that short theme from DVD-menu if you need to, but I'm personally prefer the one cutted from "Leaving Normal". :)